Cellular Phone Batteries – Tips and Guidelines of a New Cell Phone Battery

Cellular phone batteries-After Dr. Cooper took the credit for inventing the personal cell phone, there’s nothing more crucial than having the right phone cell battery.

Batteries come a dime a dozen. A good rechargeable battery or storage battery is what you’re looking for. To break it down, cellular phone batteries come in lead-acid, nickel cadmium (NiCad), nickel metal hydride(Nigh), Lithium ion (Li-ion), and lithium-ion polymer(Li-ion polymer).

One day last week I noticed that the phone didn’t want to work. Trying to turn it on and off seemed to do no good; I noticed that the phone had some orange juice spilled on it. So I took off the cover and found that the phone cell battery was drenched in orange juice. The acid from the orange juice ruined the cellular phone battery. I then realized that the gadget needed a new cellular phone battery.

Follow these guidelines when considering a new cell phone battery:

To achieve the maximum hours of talk time try to use a lithium-ion cell battery. They may cost a little more but you have to remember you are paying for quality not quantity. Quality is higher than what meets your expectations. Stick to OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) cell phone batteries, they seem to have a greater life span and proved to have fewer unexpected hazards then your ordinary grocery store batteries.

There are dozens of web-based stores offering cellular phone batteries, at slashed down rock bottom prices. A great place to start looking would be at a cell phone or battery website. They seem to carry just about every make and model of cellular phone batteries.

Remember not to throw the old one in the garbage; it’s considered as hazardous waste. phone battery draining Think about it, would you throw insulin needles in the trash. Call your local waste management company, they have multiple drop centers throughout the neighbor-hood for electronic waste disposal.

Electronic parts and gadgets carry small amount of lead that can be harmful and cause lead poisoning and cancer. Make sure not to over-charge a cell phone battery. The more you over charge a cell phone battery the less it will stay charged.

If possible try to use the same cord that came with the cell phone when charging your cell battery. Otherwise, you can use just about any wire found around the home and it should work. However in the long run it will fizzle out the life span of the phone cell battery, leaving it useless.

It will do more damage than good. You can burn out your cell battery in no time at all. Battery chargers come in different amps, choosing the right amperage is important, some come with high amps and others with low amperage.

To many amps flowing from the current will cause it to overheat. As we all know the more heat that the unit produces the less or slower the device will perform. It’s kind of like your lap top. Have you noticed the longer you have it on the slower it works?

That’s because the extreme heat from the electrodes to the processor or processing unit has caused it to overheat, and the cooling fan hasn’t cooled it down fast enough for it to perform at its normal speed. In other cases not enough juice can leave your battery uncharged.